"HERALD" Announcing The Good News!

$260.00 Coming Soon

***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the high volume of orders I have received this month is taking longer than expected to ship out orders! - Although I try to get the orders out as soon as possible- Please allow 6-8 weeks for the creative process to be completed plus shipping time depending on your location. Please remember All Flags are Made in the order the orders are received.

** All Flags are dyed as led by the Spirit where I rely completely on the Holy Spirit to guide me in selection of Colors and technique.
If You are interested in an specific color palette please include a note with the order or send me an email. I will be more than happy to integrate those colors in your flags!
And always remember…
Each Set of Flags is unique in color!

Our newest design Extravagant Worship Silk Flags!

Triple Layer XLarge-Long- 45 inches wide and approx 62 inches Long
Triple Layer Large- measures 35 inches wide by 55 inches long

These Flags are made to "Herald" to announce the good news!
It calls us as the forerunners!

The color combinations speak of a specific messages.
"Herald-The Coming King" is Gold and deep Red to signify the Blood of Christ.
"Herald- The Risen King" is Blue, Purple and also Red.
"Herald- His Agape Love" is in Red tones (Coming Soon)

"Herald" can also be ordered to be dyed led by the Spirit.

Let Us lift up our banners, announce, decree and declare His Holy Name and attributes unto this world for all to see!



These Flags are Extraordinary! This collection features multiple layers of different kinds of White OR Hand-painted and Hand-dyed Silk! Sewn in different angles and lengths, these flags are mesmerizing to wield and witness! -When wielded they make a sound of multiple flutters shooting praises!

Because our worship should always be extravagant for our Lord!


You can view more photos of these flags on our FB Page! www.facebook.com/UnhinderedUnashamed4Him


Because of the weight of the silks and the way they are layered we are mounting these flags on longer rods compare to the Extravagant Worship Silk Flag Series. They are larger and get a beautiful and striking effect!

Lightweight Flags are sewn in-house using quality materials, great care in fine details and workmanship. They are both designed for durability and easy care.


These Worship flags are 100% Habotai Silk 5mm with sewn edges. Very soft, lightweight, almost transparent.


For Silk Flags: Gentle hand-washing in cold water recommended.

Do Not use chlorine bleach.

Do Not tumble dry.

Designed and Painted by Margarita Puckett
All content, photos, text, artwork, designs by Margarita Puckett, Unhindered and Unashamed, are protected by federal copyright laws and can not be copied, scanned, printed or utilized without having written permission from Margarita Puckett.