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Care Instructions

Flags are an instrument of worship that are made to give praise and worship to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

They are made to give GLORY and HONOR to His Name through creative praise and worship.

They are also used to minister over people as the Holy Spirit leads. 

For these reasons, they should always be treated with RESPECT. Young children should always be supervised.

Most flags are generally not used in dirty environments, therefor, cleaning should be minimal. If you find it necessary, you can spot clean them OR hand wash them in cold water with a drop of hair shampoo and rinse in cold water with a drop of hair conditioner. Place the silk inside a large towel and wring out in excess water. Hang to dry. 

If the ribbon gets dirty you can use a soft toothbrush with a a drop of shampoo and rinse, squeeze dry with a towel and air dry.  **Please be VERY careful NOT to brush the silk!**

Why Hair shampoo and conditioner? Because Silk is a Protein fiber just like hair!  Washing your silk in shampoo and conditioner will gently strengthen the silk while making it shiny and soft! :) 


Do not Machine Wash

Do not Dry-clean

Do not immerse in hot water 

Do not use bleach 

Do not wring out 

Do not put in dryer 

Storing Flags:

Flags should be stored in the provided sleeve even when stored with other flags in other carrying cases. Silk is very delicate and the inside of some of the carrying cases can be harsh on the silk.  The provided sleeve will prevent any damage and protect the silk from the case and other flags.


It is recommended that you get a bottle of Fray Check, or Fray Blocker from your local  craft or fabric store.  Trim threads carefully. Apply small drop to reinforce bottom corners of your flags and streamers before use.   Also, if you see a loose hem, pinhole, or thread, place a drop of this light fabric glue to mend and reinforce.