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About Our Silk

Our instruments of worship are made to give praise and worship to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. They are made to give GLORY and HONOR to His Name through creative praise and worship. They are also used to minister over people as the Holy Spirit leads.  For these reasons, they should always be treated with RESPECT and much CARE.
   -Use at your own risk. Be watchful of your surroundings. Young children should always be supervised. Refer to 
Care Instructions for more information.


Hand-painted or Hand-dyed silk mounted on your choice of a Lightweight  or Ultra-Lightweight FlexRods. Flags are available in two different silk weights. Light 5mm and a slightly heavier 8mm (Special Order). Both of these silks flow beautifully when wielded. Each Flag is decorated with a Red ribbon tassel to remind us of the ransom that Jesus Christ paid on the Cross for us! 

If needed our silks can easily be washed by hand. -See Care Instructions

Depending on the size and layers of the silk our flags are mounted on Lightweight FlexRods or on our Ultra-lightweight FlexRods.

**The Lightweight FlexRods: Used primarily on our multilayer and XL Large flags.  Each Flag is decorated with a Red ribbon tassel to remind us the ransom that was paid for us on the cross!

**The Ultra-lightweight FlexRods: Are usually used on our single layer, medium and large silks. This rod is lighter in weight and thinner also decorated with a Red ribbon tassel to remind us the ransom that was paid for us on the cross!

NOTE: Both of these flag rods are not as flexible as the “Quills” but they have a great "Spring" reaction when wielded, giving you outstanding control over the movement and making them an excellent worship flag for worship warriors! Excellent for outdoor use since its more resilient to the wind and drafts than the “Quill”.

Lightweight and Ultra-Lightweight Flags are sewn in-house using quality materials, great care in fine details and workmanship. They are both designed for durability and easy care. 

**Custom Silk Art and Larger Sizes are Available upon Request! 

STREAMERS: Special Order 

Hand painted 8mm silk streamers are sold by themselves. A light weight expandable swivel-head rod is sold separately. They come in 3 yards and 4 yards in length, and custom sizes are also available.

Sizes available: Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Large/Long (Other sizes are available upon request)  


These Worship flags are hand painted on 100% Habotai Silk 5mm (lighter and almost transparent)  or 8mm.  Very soft and lightweight. 

We start with cutting and serging the edges of the the silk (1-3 hours depending of the style and size)

Silk is then washed thoroughly with a special cleaner to remove impurities and hung to dry.  (.5-1 Hour depending on the number of yards)

Silk is then stretched on a frame, unless is a free-hand painting; design is sketched on the silk,  then lined with a water based resist to prevent the liquid dyes from flowing from one area of the image to another. (2-4 Hours)

 Once the resists dries, the painting process begins. This varies according to the complexity of the artwork being painted on the silk and the size of the silk. (4-8 hours)

When the painting is completed, the silk is allow to set for 24 hours. The silk is rolled in layers of Kraft paper and steamed in a steamer to lock in the color. This process makes the silks colorfast as the dye becomes one with the silk. (3-3.5 hours)

Once this process is completed, the silks are rinsed several times, washed by hand, hang to dry and ironed. 

Finally,  I take the time to re-enforce the corners by tying small knots and sealing them with fabric glue.

Then they are ready to be made into Instruments of Worship to worship our God! Transforming the silk into Flags by installing ribbon casings and the rods can take 1-2 hours depending on the size and design. 

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