Kallah - The Bride - Worship Flags


White Single Layer Banners - Perfect for layering!
***All Flags are Made to order!
Although I try to get the orders out as soon as possible - Please allow 3-4 weeks for the creative process to be completed plus shipping time depending on your location.

White flags represent The Bride of Christ!
Humbled, surrendered, unashamed, unhindered... In Its Purity, Sanctified, Redeemed and Washed... Clothed with Joy and Victory, filled with His Light and surrounded by His Glory!

The Hebrew word for Bride is Kallah, which comes from the root word Kalah meaning; to finish, complete, prepare, to make perfect (Strong’s #3634) 
Jesus spoke from the cross, “It is finished” or in keeping with our Hebrew word for Bride, “It is kalah!” - a new covenant is now sealed.  The righteous requirements have been met, the price has been paid… she’s mine… it is consummated... it is finished! 

Also Kallah has another root which represents Prayer with Uplifted Hands. :)

These Worship flags are made with Habotai Silk 5mm. Very soft, lightweight, almost transparent. Please read our Silk Workflow at http://www.unhinderedandunashamed.com/about-our-silk-banners

You can view more photos of these flags on our FB Page! www.facebook.com/UnhinderedUnashamed4Him

Sizes available:

Pair Medium (Approx 35x44in) - $65
Pair Large (Approx 35x52in) - $80
Pair Large Long (Approx 35x72in) - $95
SINGLE Flag -Large Extra Long (Approx 35x80in) $75
Pair Extra Large (Approx 45x52in) - $95
Pair Extra Large Long (Approx 45x62in) $125
Pair Extra Large-Extra Long (Approx 45x72in) $135

These Silks are mounted on Ultra-Lightweight Flex Rod. To learn more visit http://www.unhinderedandunashamed.com/about-our-silk-banners

Designed by Margarita Puckett as led by the Spirit
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