“El Gibbor”- Mattahs

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***All orders are made to order!
Although I try to get the orders out as soon as possible - Due to the nature of the creative process, please allow 4-6 weeks for the Mattahs to be completed plus shipping time depending on your location.

NEW! Hand burned and Hand
Painted Mattahs decorated with Spirit Led Hand Dyed Silk. Mattahs are used in intercession, praise and worship.

African Mahogany, Hard Maple, or Pine wood

Different types of wood make Different types of Sound waves and tones.
Different impact in the atmosphere

Just like the silk, these are made in an atmosphere of Prayer, Praise and Worship.
Each wooden rod is sanded with three different grades of sandpaper, once the design is created it is sketch on the surface of the wood, then burned into the wood with a pyrography tool. This process is also known as "Writing with Fire". Once is painted as led by the Lord. Finally the Mattahs are sealed with satin varnish and anointed with oil.
Each Mattah is decorated with Spirit Led Hand-dyed Silk.


Last summer, I saw short rods being used in powerful intercession, praise and worship for the very first time and I was blown away.
Not knowing what they were called at the time - I refer to them as sticks. 😆 As I sought the Lord for more revelation, He gave me specific instructions to make a pair with the same creative process I would use to make the flags but to also incorporate art, words and silk.

For 6 months, I gathered the supplies I would need to make them…
In January the Lord gave me the release to start the creative process. As I was working, I was led to search for the word Staff/Rod in Hebrew and I found so much more than what I expected.

The Hebrew word is Mattah!
Mattah’ (mah TAH’)- a branch (as extending) a rod, whether for chastising, ruling (a scepter), throwing (a lance), or walking (a staff), the primary root is Natah- to stretch or spread out, to bow down or deliver.

These instruments are known as Mattah and they are used in powerful worship and deep intercession!

In the days that followed, the Lord took me through this new journey and the creative process of making these beautiful Mattahs! ❤️🙌🏼🙏🏼🔥

Stay tune as I am led to make new designs!

Designed, Created, and Painted by Margarita Puckett
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