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Dance Mantles made with lightweight 5mm mulberry silk to represent TALLITs with the name of YAHSHUA handpainted in Hebrew on the crown and adorned with Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon in a beautiful shade of Blue!

These beautiful Tallits are the result of a divine collaboration with a Beloved Sister in Christ.

Sylvia shared:
“YAHSHUA, it’s just another way to spell YESHUA’s Name using the Name of “YAH” as in Psalm 68 where it tells us that: “HIS NAME IS YAH”
As in HalleluYAH ❣️🙌🏼”
“As we know when the Original Hebrew was translated YAH's NAME was taken out & replaced with other Words like Lord, God…”

What a Beautiful Blessing to have the opportunity to create these silk mantles to worship the Lord in dance!
To YAH be All the Glory and all the honor! HalleluYah! 💙💙💙

Measures approximately 35in x 80in
100% 5mm silk and silk ribbon
Sewn and crafted in-house using quality materials, great care in fine details and workmanship.

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